Suffolk County Long Island Zip Code 11733 | Sold Homes December 2011

Suffolk County Long Island Zip Code 11733 | Sold Homes December 2011

Larry & Sheila,Realtors are providing statistics for Homes sold in Suffolk County Long Island Zip Code 11733, within the Three Village School District #1, during the month of December 2011, according to public records of the multiple listing service.
There were 8 homes that sold within Suffolk County Zip Code 11733 in December, ranging in price from $455,000 for a 4 bedroom 3 bath at Colonial style home in Setauket, to $12,300,000 for a 7 bedroom 8 bath Mediterranean style home on 7 Acres in Old Field Long Island. 
These sales reflect those homes sold in Suffolk County Long Island’s Zip Code 11733 that were listed on multiple listing service and do not include for sale by owner, non-member or non-published sales, nor does it include Condo or HOA community or Co-op sales.
Average Days On The Market: 131
Sold Price: $455,000 – $12,300,000
Total Sold: 8 Sales
If you elimate the $12,300 sale, the average selling price becomes $1,207,000
Compare to December 2010 ~  Average Listing Price: $606,000        
                                                  Average Selling Price: $564,000       
                                                   Average Days on Market:137    
                                                       Total Sold: 17 Sales

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 According to these stats, during the same time period for the previous year, Homes sold in Suffolk County Long Island were on the market 6 days longer, there were 9 more homes sold, and the average listing and selling prices were lower. Keep in mind, that the styles of homes, the amount of land, the location and the updates may not be equal or the same. So, it looks like these stats are showing that the Suffolk County Zip Code 11733 Market had a better December 2011 than 2010. Let’s see what happens during the 2012 season!
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