Relocation Specialists on Long Island

LARRY AND SHEILA Realtors, understand that relocating is seldom easy.  From a neat and orderly lifestyle, to dealing with everything from hiring the movers to forwarding the mail and getting the lights turned on is all part of the process of relocating.  Once you’ve determined that Long Island is the place you want to be, LARRY AND SHEILA can sell you the home you are looking for.

We are a Husband and Wife Professional Real Estate Team that has been recommended by industry peers and we will provide you with professional care, integrity, and experience in all aspects of purchasing and selling homes both on the North and South Shore of Long Island.

If you are Relocating to Long Island and you are looking for a luxury North Shore residence,  a Waterfront community, Condo and Townhouse developments,  or 55 and over active adult communities,  we can sell you these!   Many of our peers here on Long Island are calling us also to help find residences for their own families and even the print media has contacted us!  Please call LARRY & SHEILA  at 631-805-4400 (c) when Relocating to Long Island!

We are not affiliated with any community, but are independent Licensed Realtors.

We do not have any management information or contact phone numbers.


All content text is the exclusive property of Suffolk Experts, and may not be used without the expressed written permission of Larry & Sheila.  All information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed.

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